Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Harley Davidson Motocycle

When I was asked to photograph a Harley Davidson motorcycle that would be raffled off, I couldn't say yes fast enough!

The story goes like this. – The new facility being built for Kensington Church's Clinton Township campus is next door to Wolverine Harley-Davidson. These next-door neighbors have struck up a unique friendship. When asked if Kensington’s driveway could cross over Wolverine’s land, owner George de la Nuez could have said no. (Who just gives land away to strangers?) But instead, he said, “yes.” And then he said, “What else can I do?” 

So that is where I came in. George de la Nuez donated a Harley Davidson motorcycle to Kensington and their EVERY[ONE] campaign. So needing print and social media material to promote this amazing gesture of generosity, they called me.

The shoot was originally planned to be done outside in front of the new Clinton Township building. However, the day of the shoot came, and being we are in Michigan, it was snowing. Now a little cold never hurt anyone, but it was big wet snow coming down sideways, and photographing a motorcycle in the snow just doesn't seem right. – Having to act fast, we decided to shoot on the Wolverine's showroom floor! What an awesome team of workers there. Everyone was happy to help. They let us walk the building to find the perfect spot. They even put up with my OCD-ness! Never batted an eye at me when I would asked them to move the bike over 2 inches.

Behind The Scenes

The shoot came with a couple special requests. The pictures were going to be needed for print and on social media. I needed to showcase the bike while leaving space around the bike for text to be added at a later date. – For more in-depth details, please visit my Behind The Scenes page to see more. 

Please visit Kensington Church's page to join in on the drawing! https://kensingtonchurch.org/motorcycle-raffle/

Visit Wolverine Harley-Davidson's page as well to show some love! https://www.wolverinehd.com/